CDC is in the process of evolving the product offerings. Initially the institution will carry out a wide range of activities including the following:

  • Help social entrepreneurs develop their ideas and concepts into real products,
       services and applications.
  • Provide seed and idea stage venture capital.
  • Assist start-ups raise funds from other sources.
  • Provide managerial and technical assistance to start-ups to put in place good
       governance structures, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track
        performance and objectively measure impacts.
  • Assist institutions, banks, angel investors, venture capital funds and corporates to
       evaluate funding opportunities in the development space.
  • Help banks convert development loans into equity and then divest the same in the
       capital markets. Help eligible/ commercially viable companies sell equity in capital
       markets so that they can repay bank loans.
  • Invest directly in development sector IPOs. Facilitate IPOs by acting as anchor
       investor, nominated investor, market maker etc.
  • Use empanelled merchant bankers to create cost effective, transparent well
       governed framework for capital market access to development ventures.
  • Work with high quality media houses to co-sponsor publications and guides.