CDC aims to provide the much need seed capital and mentoring support to technology based start-ups in the development sector in India by incubating pioneer units, funding supporting units and commercializing indigenous technologies while fully recognizing the trade-off between a pure financial rate of return and the beneficial impact to communities of technology driven development projects. CDC is supported by and primarily funded by the IIT Alumni community globally - with most of the investors having hands-on expertise and decades of experience in the technology and development space.


CDC support primarily involves convertible debt and equity funding to companies that are engaged in the development sector, many of whom may have a path towards listing on a stock exchange. In addition, the fund helps the more established companies in moving up the value chain through branding, technology up-gradation, market consolidation and overseas market access, particularly across Asia.  

CDC also helps angel investors, VC funds and other institutional lenders and investors get an entry into emerging development and high impact companies and to eventually exit, where feasible, through the capital markets so that they may plough back their returns into new companies thus increasing the velocity of funding and consequent availability of capital to new start-ups in the development ecosystem.